Resident Benefits

Salaries 2014-2015

PGY Level Salary
1 $50,280
2 $52,020
3 $53,820
4 $55,860
5 $58,140
6 $60,420
7 $62,400


Educational Allowance

  • PGY-1 residents are allowed $250 annually for educational and professional expenses
  • PGY-2 and above residents and fellows are allowed $600 annually for conferences, books, and other professional expenses>

Educational Leave

  • Five days leave at PGY-2 level and above.


  • 4 weeks (20 working days).

Sick Leave

  • 24 calendar days per year

Maternity / Paternity Leave

Vacation Days 20
Banked Vacation Days 5
Sick Days (1-3 yrs accrual) 24-72
Total 49-97


  • Faculty-Resident off-site retreat annually
  • Resident Only offsite retreat annually
  • Day-long wilderness team-building experience at Irons Oaks Adventure Center during orientation.

Health and Disability Insurance

  • Charge of $76.00-$107.00 per month, based on salary and coverage plan. Dependent charges are reimbursed up to a specific amount.
  • Choice of plans are available. Complete information is online at the Benefits section of the UIC website.
  • Disability insurance is provided at no cost.

Malpractice Insurance

  • Covered at 100%


  • Two coats provided and laundered (remain property of the University of Illinois Medical Center)


Currently the overnight and weekends at the UIC Medical Center and Jesse Brown VA are covered by a combination of a nightfloat, short call, and weekend call shifts. The nightfloat rotation runs Sun-Thur, 8pm-8am. Residents are not scheduled for daytime clinical rotations during nightfloat. Short call is Mon-Thur, 4:30pm-8pm. Weekends are covered by a series of call shifts. Friday call is 4:30pm-8am. Saturday is covered by two shifts, 8am-8pm and 8pm-8am. Sunday is covered by one shift, 8am-8pm. 

Calls per year:

  • PGY1: Four weeks of night float after completion of onsite training with senior residents and establishment of competence to function under indirect supervision with direct supervision available. Also taking approximately 24 weekday short calls and 16 weekend 12-hour shifts.
  • PGY2: Four weeks of night float, 10 short calls, 19 weekend shifts
  • PGY3: One week of night float.  13 short calls, 13 weekend shifts. Training for PGY1s during short calls and weekends.
  • PGY4: No call or night float
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