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 Adolescent Substance Abuse Study

This is a paid fMRI and Neurocognitive Study in Adolescents at UIC Medical Center

  • This study examins cognitive performance and brain functioning during cognitive tasks using fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging), in adolescents with adolescent bipolar disorder, cannabis use and healthy adolescents.
  • We are recruiting 14- 18 years old PARTICIPANTS as follows:
    1. Adolescents with a diagnosis of adolescent bipolar disorder (ABD), Type I or II and also with significant cannabis Use.
    2. Adolescents with Significant Cannabis Use.
    3. Healthy adolescents.
  • Participants should have no braces or metal implants in their body, should have normal vision or glasses, and should not be claustrophobic, color blind, or pregnant.
  • Participation will involve: 1 Hour of fMRI scanning during cognitive task performance, and 2-3 hours of clinical assessment and laboratory testing on computerized tasks. It might take a total of 4 hours. The MRI test will be done in an enclosed space; therefore, adolescents with Claustrophobia who are afraid of closed spaces cannot participate in the study.
  • Participants are paid $60 for a session lasting 4 hours. There are bonuses related to your performance on the tests that may add up to $5.

For questions and information please contact Dr A. Passarotti, PHD

E mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

phone: 312-355-0109

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ADA Study Doc

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Our MINDS research study is currently recruiting individuals between the ages of 17-23. We are looking for women without a history of depression and men with a history of depression. Participants cannot be on any depression or anxiety medications, but hormonal both control is alright. MINDS is a year long and involves the following visits:


  • A clinical interview lasting up to 4 hours.
  • A physical assessment involving a blood draw for genetics and urine drug/pregnancy screen.
  • Two sets of 3-hour long cognitive testing
  • Two sets of 3-hour long MRIs
  • A parent/guardian phone interview
  • Bimonthly questionnaires via the mail
  • A final phone interview at one year


Compensation will be provided based on study visits completed.

If this sounds like something you are interested in participating in or would just like to hear more about, please contact Laura at (312) 413-4584 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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  1. Ambulatory Clinic:
    Neuropsychiatric Insitute
    912 S. Wood Steet, Chicago, IL 60612
  2. UIC Hospital
    1740 W Taylor St, Chicago, IL 60612
  3. Institute for Juvenile Research
    1747 W. Roosevelt Rd, Chicago, IL 60608
  4. Psychiatric Institute
    1601 W. Taylor St.Chicago, IL 60612

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